Saving Symby: Book 3- Symby Steven Heitmeyer



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236 pages


Saving Symby: Book 3- Symby  by  Steven Heitmeyer

Saving Symby: Book 3- Symby by Steven Heitmeyer
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“Im from the government and Im here to help,” says the man from the National Security Agency. Funny, though, it sure doesnt feel that way when he absconds with the symbies, claiming that they killed an innocent man. Hes got a video to prove it, so hes not likely to return the tiny, furry saviours any time soon. Spud knows that the symbies would never hurt anyone, having witnessed what really happened. So why wont they believe him? Jody and Missy are busily going about dying again, but theyre planning to do whatever it takes to get their symbies back before its too late, even if it means taking on the entire federal government.

After all, theyve got nothing to lose. Jimmy and Hack are willing to help, but can four kids really defeat the feds?

Enter the sum

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